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How to Build Blog Business (Beginner)

What is a business blog?

Before discussing business blogs, it's a good idea to have the same perception about what a blog is. Blog is a web page application display that contains information that can be accessed online. What is a business blog? A business blog is a website that contains information about the business world. The information can be in the form of text, images, videos, or a combination of the three.

Business blogs in today's digital era have become very important. Blogs are very important for a person or group of people who have a product or service that they want to market, traded to the public.

By using it is suspected to be able to widely disseminate information and promotion of goods or services to the public. Not only in the local area, but also reach out to the world market.

How to plan a business blog? (blog business plans)

What needs to be designed to start creating a blog is the goal, the product you want to sell, and the expected target market. A course will be very elegant if it has an attractive and professional appearance. Indicators of an interesting blog include: its home page contains an overview of the blog. The next section contains the types of goods or services marketed. Third, the price of the product or service. Fourth, how to order products or services. Fifth, there is an online chat facility or contact that can be contacted according to working hours. There is a product comment column and buyer or customer testimonials.

Determine also will create a free or paid blog. Just a suggestion, you should use a paid blog. This means that we can customize the blog name and address according to the owner's purpose.

For those who plan to create a free blog, there are many choices of free blog maker applications such as blogger and wordpress. Even now many online marketplace applications are also free. Or join amazon, facebook market place, tiktok, and so on.

For the start of a business, you should do it yourself from planning a blog maker to filling it with products or services. This needs to be done to save funding. 

What is the purpose of building a business blog?

With the basis of an internet network, of course the main purpose of creating a blog is to be able to promote products or services with a very broad reach. Thus it can increase income from the number of products or services sold.

What types of products can be marketed on a business blog?

Reflecting on several online market places, the types of products are usually categorized, for example: electronics, household utensils, stationery and office supplies, books, entertainment, toys, clothes, and so on.

If there is only one type of product or service, then there needs to be several variants to make it look more attractive.

How to create a business blog?

The first step in creating a blog is choosing the appropriate application. Is it blogger or wordpress? Once determined, then register by following all the instructions step by step without skipping a single one.

Don't forget to give your blog a memorable name. Also provide a description of the blog. Complete with email, mobile number, and complete address.

The next step is to fill the blog with the items you want to sell. Give a title, give a price, and complete with a choice of courier delivery orders, and so on. If you have verified the blog, publish it. The last step is to share with friends, relatives, or to the general public through friendship groups and so on.

This section is included in blog business plan and how to start a blog business? So hopefully useful. Thank you for your visit. 

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