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How to Start Up My Own Business then Success?

Checklist to start a Business. Is a help that contains the steps how to start a business of your own. Here's a step-by-step Guide to Starting Your Own Business.


Do market research. What you need to do first is research consumer needs. What products or services are needed by consumers every day. This is important for basic steps and deciding the right business for you.

Market research also contains notes about common problems, profitable target markets, profit and loss, how much capital is needed, where to start a business (online or offline), and so on.

Create a business plan and timeline

After doing market research, of course you will find a lot of important items about products or services that are needed every day, every week, or every month. How much product or service is needed each day, week, or month.

It is also necessary to do research such as whether consumers pay directly or by credit.

Thus, you will then make an action plan related to where to get the capital from? In the right place of business venture? Who and how many target markets or consumers? How many products or services are needed? How to market it? How to make advertisements or promotions of these goods or services? Etc.

Get finances regularly

Based on the plan above, what needs to be considered is capital. Where can the capital come from? Is it by borrowing or selling something or another asset? Calculate in detail the estimated income and losses.

If you do not have a view with initial funds to start your business, invite friends or family discussions. Or they could be invited to a joint venture capital.

Register a business name (and/or domain name)

If you want to start a business legally and professionally, of course, the name and legality of the business are very important because it involves the level of public trust in the business you manage.

Choose the right name that is easy for other people or consumers to remember. The catchy name is free promotion, no paid advertising.

Set up bank accounts & payment processing

It is also necessary to provide your business name and account number, not your personal name or account.

License, insurance permit

As mentioned above, legality (license) is important to secure your business from violating the law. It also increases the trust of the consumer community. Insurance is the anticipation of things or events that you don't want so that when something bad happens, there's still hope to start over.

Promotion and marketing.

The last thing from the steps of starting a business is promotion and marketing. You can use free or paid social media to promote your products or services. That's when you can start working. You are also the boss.

Congratulations on starting a business. Wish you success and good health always.

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