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Leibish & Co World's Best Rare Diamond Online Store

Leibish is an online jewelry store. All types of products are displayed there such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and so on. 

Lebish & Company is a family-owned, multinational online diamond dealer and jewelry retailer, specializing in elegantly colored diamonds and extremely rare gemstones. Founded in 1979 as a diamond broker, the company operates on the Israel Diamond Exchange and has been marketing exclusively through online portals since 1995. 

Lebish&Co provides a collection of privately owned diamonds and its own custom way-jewelry design.

In 1979, Lebish Polnauer stumbled into the diamond sales business unexpectedly. He had just discovered that the polishing factory where he worked was closed. He was reading The Guardian traveling to London when he saw an advertisement for royal crown jewelers Garrard & Co. 

They are looking for certain diamonds that are hard to find. Leibish, then an adventurous and active young man, decided to call them to see what would happen. Well, he spoke to the general manager and promised delivery for this stone, and many more which he said he was looking for. 

Leibish scoured the market on 3 lands and delivered every stone Garrard was looking for. Leibish was captivated, and a legend was born. 

Leibish&; Co was born in almost 3 decades since that fateful day, the name Lebish Polnauer has become synonymous with excellence in the world of Elegant Color Diamonds.

Lebish&; Co has steadily become one of the biggest buyers at the prestigious annual Argyle tender. They also supply some of the most elegant jewelery in the world, including the likes of Graff. 

In 1995, Leibish was one of the first industries to sell diamonds online. They were almost certainly the original original wholesalers/dealers selling direct to consumers on the Internet. At the same time as a child Leibish penetrated the industry. Yossi serves as the CEO of the industry. Shmulik is the Head Diamond Buyer. Itzik is an online teacher while Chavi deals with jewelry design. The youngest, Yoni, is also currently working in the industry. 

Price and Rarity Leibish Diamonds are focused on elegant colors which are very rare to find. As a diamond grows in rarity, its cost increases exponentially. If you think of diamonds from Leibish, you will get something that few places in the world can offer.

This is one of the testimonials of Leibish and Co diamond buyers: 'Experience Buying Leibish diamonds I have found Leibish to be the best source for Fancy Color loose diamonds from my experience in the industry. So for this discussion, I decided to focus more on their jewelry. The quality of the jewellery, in terms of elegant color, is as important as the diamond itself.' 

Another Leibish & Co customer statement: "An elegant color diamond that is not set properly can run out of color seriousness enormously just as a patterned stone that is set properly can be markedly enhanced. I contacted Leibish looking for an elegantly patterned diamond as if I were a regular customer. I had a dialogue with Mali over the phone. He was very patient with me and responded to each of my test questions properly and in a way that reflected more interest in my learning than his sales.' 

So what are you waiting for. Shop at Libish & Co, the best jewelry store in the world.

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