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Rosendorff's Teams Dedicates to Beauty

Dedicated CraftTeam.

Since 1963, Rosendorff has stood for the highest quality in the design and manufacture of diamond jewelry. With the extraordinary ability of our team of experts, Rosendorff, located in the heart of Perth's CBD, is delighted to come up with the perfect design for every occasion.

In today's world of mass creation, style, elegance and longevity can easily be lost. From our iconic solitaire collections to exquisitely elaborate and exquisite jewelery creations, there is one place, for more than 50 years, that still practices the art of handcrafted special design – Rosendorff.

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We are dedicated to creating the perfect diamond for everyone; as unique as they are, and as special as the stories they tell. From the joy of love, to the promises made to be kept; make butterflies and fireworks; for every time, every opportunity, and just because. We select the highest quality diamonds from around the world and bring them to our customers who learn from our diamond experts in the intimacy of our showroom. Our jewelers lead the craftsmanship industry, individually overseeing each, and every part as we continue our legacy. With the utmost care, our team of experts goes hand in hand with each customer to create bespoke jewelery or guide them to select one of our exclusive collections. Every diamond is extraordinary and every piece we design is unique, a reflection of people, encapsulating their essence. Over 50 years of knowledge paired with exceptional service when it comes to making your special moments one that will always be treasured!

Whether it's a precious moment to remember forever, a loved one worth celebrating, or a milestone that needs to be signaled, Rosendorff is here for every story.


It is our comparisons that unite us, as much as our similarities. Each Rosendorff diamond is different from its owner. Carefully handcrafted from some of the highest quality diamonds in the world, these diamonds represent hours of skill and commitment, culminating in a diamond that continues to be special because it is yours. Rosendorff diamonds can represent so many different achievements, chapters and events in our lives. It could be a sign of your cherished true love, your gift to yourself after you've accomplished something worth celebrating, or simply your way of showing your care for a worthy friend or family member. No matter what different reasons you choose Rosendorff, one thing remains constant: the quality and care that makes each Rosendorff diamond worthy of your choice.


Anja provided an excellent service in helping me create the perfect graduation gift (ring) for my girl. We spoke on the phone, I asked for a picture of how it looked on the finger and in no time he sent me a companion. This is my first purchase with Rosendorff, definitely not the last.

Manucay Guild

I would highly recommend this jewellery. I bought a lovely pair of pink diamond earrings as a wedding gift for my female relative and she loves it.

Pearl's sales associate helped me with my purchase and she was great. I know quite a bit about jewelery and she made the whole experience very easy and fun. I will return to him for further purchases!

Very happy customers(as well as female relatives)! :)

Maeve Johnson

I recently purchased a ring for my 30th wedding anniversary at Rosendorff. Having only a vague idea of what I wanted, I was very impressed with the friendly and reliable advice I received from Liz. I really appreciated the time he took to show me through a variety of good options and his tutorials and advice were spot on. My wife is happy with the ring. Thank you Liz!

Malcolm Thomas

677 Hay Street Mall, Perth 6000
08 9321 4015
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Monday - Thursday: 09.30 - 05.00pm 
Friday : 09.30 - 6.00pm
Saturday : CLOSED
Sunday: 11.30 - 04.30pm

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