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Scotch Street Vintage (SSV) Glory

Here's Lory's testimony:

Scotch Street Vintage came into existence in 2013 when I was looking for a better work-life balance. My mom and I have always loved "finding treasure" in antique shops and escaping the market and we inevitably wanted to create so many wonderful things that we had to leave behind because we had no place for it all and at times like that my mom said, "You have to sell it." The statement starts to roll and we open it with vintage house make-up specializing in breakables and vintage breakables. Studying and studying glassware styles over the decades such as Art Deco and Mid Century Modern led me to a strong curiosity about antique jewelry, which has a lot in common with glassware.

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Scotch Street Vintage

I didn't change the shop to vintage jewelery overnight, I took my time and really studied, I created a jewelery shop to help me make decisions, and I started collecting. It took almost a year until I thought I had a good option to offer it to the public and broadcast with it. 7 years after that jewelry is still our main focus, but we're also developing retro women's dresses which are so much fun to pair together!

I can't believe if my work/life balance is perfect but I can say I love what I'm doing and I can make time for all of my family's needs, so I think this is a win. It's not an easy job, but seeing a customer create a necklace that emphasizes them to their grandmother's, or a companion creating the perfect and unique ring to represent their engagement, the rewards of seeing someone fall in love with the jewelry I find makes it all worth it.


About Scotch Street Vintage

Scotch Street Vintage does offer returns and exchanges of items that are returned in EXACT condition as they were sent. The customer must contact us within 3 days after the item is delivered to you to receive a refund minus the shipping fee and original insurance and return shipping fees, which are the responsibility of the buyer. Items must be returned in their original condition, fully insured with tracking and signature confirmation within 7 days of delivery of the item. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer and tracking number must also be provided within 7 days.

Once the return has been received and reviewed to confirm that it was not replaced or tampered with, a refund will be issued.

I really try to work with clients on layaway programs that are perfect for them. Sometimes clients just want to split it into 2 payments and sometimes they want something more structured like $50 every 2 weeks until it's paid off. I don't do layaway fees or anything but I do use a cancellation fee of $1/day for every day the thing goes out of market. Please come to me to arrange a layaway that's right for you!

All jewelery has been reviewed by a jeweler for metal quality, stone authenticity, and age accuracy (if applicable). I guarantee the stone, metal and age as stated in the notes. This does not mean that every section is equipped with an evaluation. Jewelers will use a minimum fee for inspections and a much more significant fee for evaluations. When it's cheap (usually on the larger end items) I'll do a full review and it'll be included. When this is established, the data will be in the record.

I'm not a jeweler and I don't do sizing. The jeweler that I used for inspections and evaluations said to always have a dimensional ring directly at the jeweler because you will get the perfect result.

The universal rule that I have been told by jewelers is that the dimensions can be tried 1-2 dimensions up or down. If I find out that a ring really cannot be measured in size, it will be mentioned in the notes.


- We offer free US Standard shipping with USPS.
- Expedited shipping option is available at checkout as an incremental fee.
- All packages are insured and traceable.
- All orders are shipped 1-3 working days after purchase.


- We offer USPS and DSL international shipping options at checkout.
- All packages are insured and traceable.
- INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please note that you are responsible for all import fees, duties, VAT, GST/PST, taxes, etc. and this is not listed in my price. There is no way for me to know what, if any, fees your country can issue.
- All orders are shipped 1-3 working days after purchase

These are all SSV products

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Art Deco Jewelry

Art Nouveau Jewelry

August Birthstones - Peridot & Spinel

Band Style Engagement Rings

December Birthstones - Turquoise & Tanzanite

Fall / Winter 2019 Fashion Trends

New Arrivals

Non-traditional Engagement Rings

November Birthstones - Citrine & Topaz

Party Attire Galore


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Spring and Summer 2020

Stacking Rings

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Upcycle & Recycled Vintage Jewelry

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Vintage Summer Dresses

Vintage Tanzanite Jewelry

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Vintage Traditional Gold Wedding Bands

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Vintage Turquoise Jewelry

Vintage Wedding Bands

Vintage Wedding Ring Sets

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