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TVC Mall Amazing Marketplace


TVC Mall is a market place or online shop in China. TVC-Mall. com is a one-stop wholesale platform across borders, built on a comprehensive range of types covering Mobile Accessories, Replacement Parts and Consumer Electronics, etc.

TVC-Mall has been running for more than 10 years in China and collects a lot of supply chain energy sources. All products are sourced from a network of 500+ trusted suppliers in 100+ regions of China to ensure only the best quality products on offer.

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Wholesale products at TVC Mall are: cellphone knick-knacks, Apple knick-knacks, Samsung knick-knacks, Huawei knick-knacks, Xiaomi knick-knacks, OPPO knick-knacks, cell phone cases, smart device knick-knacks, cellphone spare parts, electronics Consumer, Pc& Network, Camera & Drawing, Electrical & Fixtures, Home & Pages, as well as Exercise& Outdoor.

Jackson K.

Best discount. I can't say it enough- TVC Mall has the best affordable technology close at hand. Skip store so buy the same quality product. from a trusted and easy-to-use website. 

Derrick E.

Extraordinary! Amazing experience! The web is easy to navigate, thousands of products to choose from and oh! Very fast delivery. I always end up buying more than I need or things I don't know I need! Would like to recommend. Check out their incredible range of phone cases!

Thiago S.

Will be back for more! Arrived to TVC-mall and got some spare phone parts, all turned out to be working well and delivery on time. Definitely going to buy more once I lose! 

Kamilo H.

I want to buy again. Overall, my experience is pretty good. The cost range for me is adequate, not very expensive but not cheap either. The quality of the product is ok, it doesn't feel like something you'd have in a cereal box, but neither of them are made of extraordinarily elegant materials. I want to buy again. 

Dev E.

Very good! Pretty cool website. Lots of items to choose from, and I noticed most of the items were very affordable (I don't want to say cheap). Based on my experience on the web, the product is really worth the money, although the cost is cheap, I have no problem with things purchased on the web.

 Rite k.

Best quality and affordable price. Bought the XIAOMI 2. 4G Wireless 104-key Keyboard and Mouse Set for my pc and found it very helpful and very satisfied with the quality of the product. Excellent service at normal prices. I'm about to come again. 

Richard L

I am very happy with the ease of use… I am very happy with the ease of using your TVC-Mall web. I made what I wanted and ordering was very easy. My order arrived in the US, New York quickly and conveniently. I want to buy from you again. Thank you

The package arrived a few days late (direct from China!) but the product looks great, customer service was very helpful in trying to trace my order. 

E. Julienne

Fast delivery and good communication. Fast delivery and good communication. The color of the phone case is slightly different from the advertised photo. 

John Argent

Great product and great value for money. I like their products, TVC-Mall has a large selection of good quality and cheap cellphone knick-knacks.

For my last shipment, I had to wait more than 4 weeks for it to be delivered (after the shipment came 2 days after that). That's unacceptable!(I had a better experience with TVC-Mall first.)

https:// www. tvc- mall. com/


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