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Alexander Drake Ancient artifacts Store

Alexander Drake is forged at the intersection of art, design and history.

Each section contains 100% authentic ancient artifacts and serves as an invitation to use the power and wisdom of civilizations and icons of history.

Alexander Drake is the output of an emotional rollercoaster where we realize we are not alone in our bond with this ancient artifact. They carry the energy that ties us not only to our grandfather and his deep appreciation for history, but also to icons and time itself. Diving into the pieces teaches us a lot about our collective past as our singular selves. Each Roman emperor, for example, exemplified the part of our personality that crystallized at the bottom of the weight of their legacy. If we look at their achievements, our expedition to make people of integrity clearer.

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We know we are obliged to share this experience, but the scarcity of this coin is actually a barrier. After a short stint of thinking about replicas, we left the inspiration for real history, damned rarities. So begins a year of working with chemists to protect our coins from wear and tear. In conclusion, we can share our work with anyone in the same way. We don't have much, but we have enough to make an impact. And that is something our grandfather would be proud of.

Forged at the intersection of art, history and individual loss, our brand draws inspiration from 2 giants of determination and exploratory curiosity: Alexander the Great, the great king, commander, and cultural unifier who tamed the great empire of the East– and Mr. Francis Drake, a captain popular, privateer, and explorer who circumnavigated the world on one expedition and seized enormous treasures to the West.

Together, these two icons capture not only the riches of the East and the West, but also the curiosity of their people. When children sit on our grandfather's knees, they also capture our imaginations. At Alexander Drake, we revive the spirit of exploration and curiosity that made these two men change the course of human history forever.

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