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Brilliant Earth Diamonds from Paradise

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Brilliant Earth says: When we can't create a standard that matches ours, we create a new one. We started by establishing a strict protocol for sourcing diamonds that goes beyond current industrial applications: Beyond Conflict FreeTM Diamonds selected for their ethical and environmentally responsible origins. 

We are one of the earliest jewelers to offer blockchain-enabled diamonds at scale, to provide traceability of the origin and ownership of diamonds. Sorting Brilliant Earth diamonds offers unrivaled transparency of the origin of your diamonds. 

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Our industry and our origin claims for natural diamonds, recycled gold and recycled diamonds are independently audited and verified. 

We strive to use 100% recycled precious metals to minimize our footprint and help reduce the negative effects of metal mining. Precious metals can be recycled multiple times without compromising their integrity, which means we don't compromise on quality or elegance to make jewelry that lasts.

OUR CRAFTS: Design Sets Us apart 

Our number one goal is to make exquisite jewelry, just for you. At our San Francisco design studio, our team designs every piece to please you, from the first time you see it and every day after. We carefully thought through all the parts—artistically pointed branches; hidden accents at the base of the central gem; the curved interior fits snugly from each band. We are obsessed with comfort, quality and durability to ensure that this is a piece of jewelery you will cherish for a lifetime.



Care about planet. That's why we founded the Brilliant Earth Foundation, a donor-sponsored fund, which focuses on 3 significant areas– Responsible Energy Sources, Social Impact and Eve Action. 

We contribute to programs dedicated to improving social and regional applications, including Feeding America, the Rainforest Alliance, and the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. We support initiatives for learning & vocational training; fair mining application; protect children from child labour; and restore land damaged by unregulated mining. 

In 2015, we helped fund the Brilliant Earth Mobile School in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It offers learning as well as a comfortable place for children, who may already be working in diamond mines.


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