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Burdeen's Jewelry Bling-bling OMG

Burdeen's Jewelry Bling-bling Oh my God! Burdeens Jewelry is a popular jewelry center in the world. Before discussing any products from Burdeens Jewelry, it's a good idea to look at their history first. 

The Complete Story of Burdeen's Jewelry

Back in 1980, Dennis and Sandy Burdeen made a breakthrough in the Jewelry industry with few energy sources, but clinging to the dream of being rich. They appreciate all the best that life has to offer and foretell grand visions of success in jewelry design and sales. To start, they made decorative pins and necklaces, operating from their suburban home while their two sons played in the next room. Dennis works nights to perfect his skills, interning at the top European artist base in Chicago. During the day, he and Sandy ventured into the performing arts circuit where in 1982 their designs and custom work were picked up by Nieman Marcus.

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"There's nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients' happy response when they pick up the work we made for them, or hearing romantic stories about their heirlooms we've restored or remade." Dennis Burdeen soon realized working directly with his clients really rewarded him with more than the unflattering wholesale side of the industry and 1983, Burdeen Jewelers established their initial position in the North Shore suburb of Buffalo Grove. By the time they retired, the store had grown from 600 square feet to 3,000-5x its original footprint. 

The second generation of Burden started their expedition 

Thirty years later, Matthew Burdeen shares the uniform's lucrative goal that only further validates the path of transformation he began nearly two decades later when he earned his Bachelor of Gemology and worked at his father's foundation. It's a path that has nothing to do with heritage and everything to do with innovation, talent and hard work. In 1994, Matthew joined the family business and began working on a Bachelor's Degree in Gemology. 2 years later, his brother Jason also joined the family business after receiving a Bachelor of Jewelery from the prestigious American Institute of Gemology. Jason brought his knowledge of manufacturing and design that catapulted Burdeens Jewelry into the world of special haute jewelry – a world he has not been able to leave since then. Since Dennis and Sandy retired in 2009, Burdeen's chic concept and legacy of family jewelery have been a pathway to the future. 

A partner in life as well as in business, Rada Burdeen, Matt's wife, quickly confidently left her career in human resources and business administration within American industry to support and encourage the development of the new Burdeen Jewelry by managing the operational and financial aspects of the family business. 

a man and a woman are stylish for pictures“ Since my arrival, I have made it my priority to correct and build upon the elements my parents inaugurated for our success. Customer service is and will always be paramount, and with that first of all other matters. We take great pride in our options and services; There isn't a single one in our collection that we don't like! These concepts make for an honest and uncomplicated exchange. Our goal is to build long term bonds. We achieve this by sharing the best experiences possible, offering the most incredible jewelry and timepieces imaginable, and all at very reasonable prices," said Matthew.

Going forward, Matthew feels that in order to provide a level of quality that international designers will meet or exceed, Burdeen's initial expansion in 2003 will include the acquisition of their own custom design and manufacturing facility. Now in its tenth year of operation, the Burdeen studio employs designers as well as artisans with jewelry, gems and diamonds degrees. The world-famous capabilities and capabilities have set a standard of quality that is unmatched at Burdeens, at the international level they strive for, but at far more reasonable prices for their clients. 

In early 2008, the Buffalo Grove, IL industry, later known as “The Local Family Jeweler”, entered the national arena and increased their customers and product offerings through exclusive partnerships with leading luxury watch manufacturers such as Ulysse Nardin, Breitling, Chopard, Omega and A. Lange& Sohne. Not only that, Burdeens is currently offering the best collection of watches that had previously owned Chicago, with discounts starting at $1. 000-$100. 000, responding to supplier requests by collectors as well as enthusiasts. 

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Combining decades of experience and a true passion for design, Matthew and Rada travel the world to create highly sought-after and beautiful designs to proudly present one of the most interesting and memorable jewelery collections available. Our "Always Custom" spell amplifies Burden's mission; to provide highly discriminatory clients the luxury of high quality jewelery options at fair prices and unequivocal service, and as such, have continued to strengthen their footing as leaders in the industry. Burdeens presents timeless beautiful pieces full of tradition and modern and unique options for the truly cutting-edge. 

New Bonus, New Package 

Now established as the go-to source for high-end fashion, impeccable service, and the warmth and familiarity of trusted family jewellery, Burdeen has laid out plans to grow further than ever imagined. Their dream is to give clients the elegant shopping experience they deserve. In 2013 we opened an elegant and custom built 6,000 square foot bonus building. In just 4 years, we have surpassed the original plan. With an exciting and dynamic gallery for clients to visit, Burdeens will emerge into a bright future as a Chicagoland exclusive jewelery destination. 

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New Age, New Watch Boutique 

To further strengthen itself in the Chicago metropolitan market, Burdeens Jewelry is growing beyond the Lake Shore and moving to River North and Gold Coast with 3 new watch boutiques at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Located at 11 E. Walton St. on the corner of North State Street and East Walton Street, A. Lange& Söhne Boutique Chicago, IWC Boutique Chicago, and Panerai Boutique Chicago will all be presented by Burdeens Jewelry. Each will be exclusive to their particular brand and showcase A. Lange& Söhne, IWC and the best Panerai in the world. We aim to host a one-of-a-kind boutique in the Midwest and have specially trained staff for each brand in our new Waldorf Astoria position.



  • Burdeen's Jewelry
  • 1151 West Lake Cook Rd
  • Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
  • Tel: +1 847 459 8980


  • 909 N. Michigan Ave.
  • Chicago, IL 60611
  • Tel: +1 312 752 3201


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