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Chrono24 is the World's Palace of Luxury Watches


People who love elegant watches inspire us as much as precious watches. That's why sellers and buyers of elegant watches find our full attention.

We know that our industry could not exist without precious watches and passionate watch lovers. But we don't just love high-quality watches and admirers. The complexity of data technology and the challenges of global markets also motivate us to push ourselves further every day. Because website and mobile technology are our core competencies.

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At Chrono24, more than 25,000 reliable dealers and individual sellers from more than 120 countries offer more than 500,000 watches. With content in 22 languages, our website attracts more than 500,000 tourists every day. More than 6 million users have downloaded the Chrono24 app for iOS and Android.

In Chrono24, you can create more than 500,000 watches with a total value of 4 billion euros. In 2020, watches worth close to 2 billion euros were sold through Chrono24.

Our goal is to offer elegant watch enthusiasts a comfortable and secure platform to buy and sell watches. It should feel like a second home where they can explore their passions. We are committed to our customers and hold to the highest standards of safety, confidence and comfort. We aspire to be not only the largest but also a very attractive online marketplace for elegant watches. We want to be your go-to place for all things high-end watches or, as we often say, "the global home of luxury watch enthusiasts".

The elegant watch market is global in nature. Chrono24 provides easy, convenient and reliable market access for all watch enthusiasts.

There is something that urges us to move forward. An inspiration that we pursue with full stride. Our long term goal for Chrono24.

Watches and the Internet– a fantastic mix of tradition and big technology. Maybe unlimited that inspires us to excel every day.

What sets us apart? Inspirational industry culture, experienced management team and widespread team spirit in our unit.

Our goal is to bring confidence and transparency to the global luxury watch market. This is also reflected in our industrial culture.

Content employees produce the best products. Openness and appreciation are key elements of our industrial culture.

Not only a love of watches, our management team introduces years of experience in operating the online marketplace successfully. Precious watches and passionate watch lovers– an attractive global market for our industry.

Each of our units is unique, but they all share one thing: people who are passionate about their work. Chrono24 is a dynamic industry. We learn structure, dare to do things differently, and create our own future.

Attractive positions, inspiring areas and talented team members are the foundations that keep our industry moving like clockwork.

We pursue ambitious goals in areas that are attractive and offer an early atmosphere with excellent development possible.

Our headquarters in and at Hoepfner Castle are located in the heart of Karlsruhe, the stronghold of innovative IT solutions in Germany. This is where we write our own success stories. While having fun at work. And after work. For the Baden area between the Black Forest and Alsace offers an exceptional quality of life throughout the zone.

The United States is an exciting challenge for Chrono24– and we take it with confidence. Through our Office in New York City, we want to help our customers in North, Central and South America even closer.

Hong Kong will become a Chrono24 hub for Asia-Pacific. Located in the metropolis on the Pearl River Delta, our staff supports customers from 2 mainlands. Watch fans from China, Japan or Australia can breathe a sigh of relief: They will be able to reach us in their time zone from morning to night.


Chrono24 GmbH

Haid-und-Neu-Str. 18

76131 Karlsruhe


+49 721 966 93 0

+49 721 966 93 990


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