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Creator Master: Marionettes Puppets

On its website, Marionettes says that:

We are in Prague, on the Nerudova line in the city centre, just across the stairs from Prague Castle! If you can't get to us in person, we'd be happy to send you dolls anywhere in the world.

Handmade marionettes. Small series & original.

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Marionettes. cz

Lots of options at Marionettes. cz

We have a large selection of puppets from our workshop on the Nerudova line, and puppets from other puppeteers.

We offer a wide range of personalities, dimensions, materials and manufacturing qualities. You can get dolls for a few dollars and a large discount. You can also make cool gifts for children or works of art.

What you can find in Marionettes. cz?

1. Creation of the popular doll small series

2. a specially made doll

3. Marionettes and component sales

4. Learning lessons (make or play)

5. Art galleries and antique dolls

We specialize in dolls made from images, puppets for theater, dolls for performers, YouTubers, etc. Also, classic hand carved wooden dolls of the highest quality and several types of DIY kits.

Our top doll from the small series

Our doll king is Baby Bonnie. He is our girlfriend. He's an amazing dancer and takes great pictures.

The Mini Anymator is famous for being a great DIY kit for everyone. Moreover, children aged 10 years can combine them. Tested on our own children :-)

And of course Anything– Anymator. Common dolls equipped with e-learning videos.

Marionette makes films, commercials, theater and artists

Apart from aesthetics, dolls must be very light and perfectly balanced for durability, and use.

Adam, Tomáš and Aleš are our designer technologists, who have degrees from Wayang University. They can design all types of puppets or whole puppet theaters.

Marionette made from photo

We design the dolls in a 3D graphics program and print them afterwards. After that, it was continued by brushing teeth, arranging, testing movements, sewing, and assembling.

Throughout creation, we keep you informed about the process. We provide pictures in each session, and we make sure you are satisfied with the production.

Make your own doll!

Are you a creative person and want to try something new? Is your child interested in trying new things?

You don't need a woodcarving expert to make a fully functional doll. All you need is a little imagination, the right mood and patience.

We offer single parts as well as several types of DIY kits for doll making.

Kits& DIY Components

Courses and workshops

In our lessons, you can learn how to make or play a doll. Generally, we provide many of them. Our favorites are these:

1. Puppet play workshop– beginners

2. Puppet play workshop– medium

3. Anymator assembly workshop

4. Wood carving workshop

5. Anatomy and construction workshop

Amazing original from Czech sculptor

They are beautiful, perfectly shaped, and have absolutely no flaws. All are carved by hand from high quality wood and will only be made in a few pieces.

All of them are original and some of them even appear as unique works of art, made with just one piece.

Are you about to fall in love with the magic of dolls?

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