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Diamond Royal Coster, Buy Diamonds Here!

Diamonds are a product of nature as well as a human product. Tiny bits of carbon pressed together by Nature that are mined and polished by humans. The result is a sparkling diamond. This precious stone has been loved and adored by millions of people for hundreds and hundreds of years. however beautiful they are. We need to ensure that all of our diamonds are sourced in a responsible manner and that everyone involved in the process is treated properly. So we carried it out. But of course, we are trying to do more to produce a better and greener tomorrow.

With a stock of 20,000 loose diamonds, we have the largest collection in Europe. If you're looking for that one special diamond, we might be able to get it for you!

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Our diamond polishers and goldsmiths polish and make the jewelry themselves. In their workshop, they produce very interesting and unique works.

Find one in each building! Observe how our craftsmen work on diamond jewelery and explore the world of diamonds in one of our elegant showrooms.

Whatever, you are in the right hands! From solitaire rings, to tennis bracelets and large statement pieces. We got all of it. And if you still can't make that perfect gem? Our craftsmen can easily create unique works for you.

Since 1840 many customers have trusted the craftsmen of Royal Coster for their jewelry. These include nobles from all over the world, such as Empress Sisi, King Rama V of Thailand and the Viceroy of China. We work with diamonds of the highest quality and our diamond polishers are known for their expertise. 

At Royal Coster we don't just sell diamonds and diamond jewelry, we produce stories of happiness and love. We are proud and grateful to be a part of your love expedition.

All jewelry purchased with us deserves the best care. Is there a problem with your gem or is it out of luster? You are always welcome to come to us and together we will ensure you will leave as a happy customer with sparkling gems, just as you should be!

From Amsterdam to anywhere in the world! We will do everything we can to ensure that your beloved gems will end up on your fingers, no matter where you are located.

Are you in disbelief about your purchase? All of our jewelery has a 14 day return policy. This also includes custom made jewelry or personalized jewelry.

Can't create what you're looking for? Tell us your wishes in as much detail as possible and a diamond consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

For questions about gift giving and jewelry, go to a sales representative. Create an engagement guide, go to a diamond consultant.

Our Diamond Consultants are highly trained and experienced experts in diamonds, diamond jewelry, fashion and trends.

Schedule a call with a Diamond Consultant to help you choose that unique


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