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Moi: Bollywood Jewelry Marketplace

Moi draws inspiration from India's rich design and artisanal heritage. India of Moi is not the land of kitschy and out-of-date jewelry. Our India recognizes the power, flamboyance and opulence of materials, and layered storytelling while positioning them firmly in the present day. This is the sophistication of the flute meant for women who have an idea about the wider world and how she moves through it, while appreciating quality, durability and convenience. 

Design, for Puja, started in 2003 with her studio AURUS and her quest to produce timeless jewelery that unites her love of art and jewelery history combined with a keen eye for excellence. A chance visit to the Warby Parker store in New York was the epitome that led to my creation. Seeing the changing status quo in person, and how the industry is in direct dialogue with their clients, eliminating the middleman and all the sales noise, instead of connecting with the essence of who they are and what their customers are attracted to… this was the inspiration of Moi's founders.

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Founded by husband-and-wife companions Puja and Kunal, Moi was created to address this desperate need to speak directly to their clients and to disrupt/refresh/update/old impersonal systems. 

Co-founder and chief creative officer at Moi, Puja Shah was trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, in jewelry design. The rigors of the training together with New York's rich and diverse cultural life honed his aesthetic and sensibilities.

Puja and her team proudly bear the nickname "jewelry geeks" whose creativity coupled with an in-depth knowledge of craft and history allow them to design from a new perspective while holding the essence of quality, luxury and detail to the highest standards. 

Moi places women at the center of all conversations, and more importantly puts women's sensitivity into practice in her approach to design, durability and functionality. Bonding with women who take advantage of her, who value her and who understand what it means to be a multi-faceted woman in today's era is at the core of me. 

Detail and craftsmanship is our mantra. All of our work is tried to be handcrafted by a team of craftsmen exclusive to Moi. 

What crafts mean to us: Emphasizes exploration, discovery and various methods of jewelry making. Take part in a wide community of craftsmen, skilled in their craft. Make sure the small imperfections and uniqueness that really make a unique work are not only preserved but also celebrated. Allow each designer and craftsman to bring their own touch to each piece, confirming luxury and quality with a keen attention to detail. 

As consumers themselves; As women who work, travel, raise families, entertain, educate and live life to the fullest, our quest for well-designed jewelery always brings us back to our needs:. Instant, wearable, functional constitutes the whole bottom. At Moi we add it- beautiful but not fussy, timeless but not stuffy, elegant but not very expensive. We want you to use your Moi every day, to recognize that its worth a lifetime but its fun every day. Moi is for marking occasions, wearing every moment, keeping for yourself and giving gifts to your mother, female relatives, daughters and friends. 

I'm not just me, it's all of us.


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