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Pink Diamond (Portofolio) OMG Perfectly Blink

Australian Diamond Portfolio 

The Australian Diamond Portfolio is an independent diamond investment broker specializing in the acquisition of very rare pink diamonds. We provide investors with an easy, end-to-end solution that covers every step of the investment process. The highly experienced and expert team at the Australian Diamond Portfolio are here to help clients from the very beginning; Learn about pink diamond investing, go through the buying and storage process, and be on hand until the final sale. Our mission is to make rare diamonds accessible to all investors, share diamond investment learning and transparent market data that empowers potential diamond investors to better understand diamonds as a hard heritage class.

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Pink diamonds have a history of strong long-term capital appreciation

The pink diamond's main investment attraction is its potential to create very strong long-term capital gains. Over the last fifteen to twenty years, anyone who has purchased a pink diamond has seen a significant appreciation in the value of their investment. This is shown in the table below, which highlights the development of the Fancy Colored Diamond Index (FCDI), which tracks the prices of all patterned diamonds, including several investment grade pink diamond types since 2005. As you can see, all types have appreciated significantly. over this time period, with average profits of between 10-12% per year.

How strong the returns for pink diamonds are, both relative and absolute can be seen in the following table. It highlights returns for some classes of pink diamonds, and various other heritage classes, including stocks, cash and properties where investors tend to concentrate the majority of their portfolios. As you can see, pink diamonds significantly outperform the entire traditional relic class. This performance was driven by several aspects, with market fundamentals on the supply and demand sides suggesting a period of strong performance that will continue in the years to come.

“The very popular pink diamond comes from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia. The mine, which supplies 90 to 95 percent of the world's pink diamonds, is due to run out by 2020, and its scarcity has driven up prices. Pink diamonds outperform the others, they continue to be a little bit around and continue to be in high demand.” (New York Time) 

More than 90% of the world's annual supply of natural pink diamonds over the past few decades has been mined from a single source: the Argyle Rio Tinto Mine in Western Australia. The mine, which operated from the early 1980s closed in November 2020, with the price of the Argyle pink diamond having soared after its well-issued closure. 

In the world of diamonds and precious gems, the Argyle mine has a brand of its own. In addition to being the world's fourth largest diamond mine by volume, it has become the largest and most significant source of rare and very significant pink diamonds, producing over 90%-95% of the world's supply. While pink diamonds can occasionally be found in other mines, (in Brazil, Russia and India for example), the Argyle mine is unmatched in the quantity and quality of the pink diamonds that have been produced over the years. 

Pink diamonds have displayed excellent stability and consistent performance. For the long term and have been considered as a valuable guide for business strategic investors. Since official records of the price of diamonds were first placed in the early 1970s, the price of pink diamonds has been valued at an average of 10-20% per year, depending on its dimensions and category. Of special significance, this appreciation is not statistically correlated with the stock and bond markets. 

This is a significant consideration for investors seeking a diversified portfolio as cross-relationship correlations more than doubled over this time period. Pink diamonds don't display the volatility we've seen in equity, commodity markets, or even more so with precious metals. In a bullish period for financial markets, we generally view diamond prices as continuing to rise; whereas in times of economic slowdown or recession, prices are often flat.

Which means, they don't tend to fall especially in periods of prolonged market turbulence. For example, as shown in the chart in the opposite park, during the worst Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009, while stock markets fell worldwide and their value more than halved, the price of pink diamonds has remained normal, as investors hold on tight with holdings that are high. there is. This was accompanied by a significant increase in 2010 and 2011 as new buyers flocked to this quality hard relic, especially as equity markets began to recover from their GFC lows. The same attitude was shown in the early quarter of 2020, as fears about the spread of the coronavirus had sent stock markets down more than 20% worldwide, in one of the fastest shrinking records on record. The price of patterned diamonds has not been carried away by this depreciation, with investors eager to increase their exposure to tangible hard relics in these uncertain times. 

Early on, pink diamonds were not influenced by the speculative atmosphere of the equity market which resulted in large short-term fluctuations; there are no options, futures or short selling, nor is it a highly leveraged market. The absence of these factors, which can give rise to a significant level of bonus volatility in financial markets, protects diamond investors from this market risk. In the long term, very rare pink diamonds are a very rare limited source of energy, something which was only exacerbated by the closure of the Argyle Diamond Mine, with no new source of supply in the future. As such, market fundamentals provide a solid and normal foundation for this class of legacy.


I have recommended and will recommend the Australian Diamond Portfolio again to friends and colleagues. Very reliable and helpful in all processes. The diamonds are amazing. Only the highest quality is served. The advice and service is always great. Already telling people about this service and the benefits of doing it. I feel the process is transparent and ADP is always there to help me with any issues that may arise. All in one operation, making it easy to buy, store, etc. Anna was very friendly and helpful, it was a pleasure doing business with her. Excellent service. Anna is very reliable and knowledgeable. Very happy with the service I received from everyone at ADP. DW, Western Australia PA, Western Australia BV, Tasmania BS( New South Wales) SE, New South Wales MS, Queensland JK, New South Wales JE, ACT


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