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Pinkish-Diamonds, BlinkPinky


What is PinkishDiamonds? At Pinkish Diamonds Wholesale & Imports, our uncompromising approach to service gives you peace of mind; reliable supply, unrelenting expertise and relationships based on integrity.

As a company, we build long-term relationships based on trust according to the highest standards, reliable supply, forward-looking market demands, and fast and reliable service. While offering the best value in the most precious stones, we bring our expertise and personal approach to each client and tailor each relationship to meet your specific and unique needs.

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Whether you are an individual, a jeweler, a jewelery designer, a jewelery manufacturer, a goldsmith, a jewelery craftsman, a diamond dealer or a diamond wholesaler, we take your requests very seriously, from start to finish and happy customers. jewellery.

Gone are the days when buying diamonds was just a means to beautify yourself. Nowadays, it is much smarter to buy diamonds and turn them into investments!

Today, many people are starting to consider buying diamonds as an investment. This alternative way of making profits in the diamond industry became popular after the financial crisis that rocked the world economy.

In addition, diamonds as an investment have experienced steady growth in value over the past few years - nearly 5% in keeping with year! Unlike volatile stocks, these diamond characteristics are profitable enough to be taken seriously.

If you, as an individual jeweler, want to invest in natural diamonds, a good choice is to go to a reliable retailer or to find a good online company that specializes in this operation. But this is not enough. As with the stock market, you need to learn all the rules of the industry and compare the many options to buy diamonds safely and the right way.

At Pinkish Diamonds, a diamond importer and exporter, you can be sure to buy your diamonds at the best prices. You buy direct from a diamond supplier in Antwerp at an unbeatable price.

The diamonds selected here have been carefully selected to guarantee you a good investment. Our careful selection of diamonds even allows us to take back your diamonds after the 3rd year.

On our site you will find mostly pink diamonds because for us diamonds are the safest value to invest in diamonds. You'll also find other colors whose intensity and quality have been carefully selected for your premiere finish.

If you have any other requests, please feel free to contact us, we can also offer other diamonds which are not on this site at very attractive prices.

Contrary to other investment sites, here you are the owner of your diamonds. Therefore you have all the free time to resell them or create amazing gems.

Then don't hesitate, buy our diamonds, which will enable us to apply to others and thus be able to fulfill more of your demands.

Store information

  • Pinkish Diamonds BV
  • Hoveniersstraat 55 bus 75
  • 2018 Antwerpen
  • Belgium
  • Call us: 0032496131064
  • Email us:



  • 3030 SW 8th St Miami
  • 2018 Antwerpen
  • Belgium

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