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The Best Gold on AUBullion

AU Bullion restores and refines Gold, Silver, Platinum & Palladium uses state-of-the-art technology—which allows us to share the highest possible returns with our clients. Our clients experience less melt loss and a larger percentage of precious metal when melted with AU Bullion .

Most registered businesses shift to AU Bullion after only one disbursement.

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The refining of precious metals from waste and alloys is a specialized field, which requires knowledge, technical expertise, and handling skills.

We are equipped with all these attributes to offer a top class metal refining service.

Most aptitude and quality testing facilities support us, which enables us to offer qualitative services in a short time.

AU Bullion Bullion prides itself on being honest, reliable, and straightforward. We hope to do the best for you. We only deal with registered businesses in the precious metal industry.

AU Bullion Bullion has positions throughout Canada in major cities such as Vancouver and Toronto. Not only our in-store service, we offer convenient & guaranteed through our online shop.

Overview AU Bullion

Nenya Toma
Fast delivery and lots of options to choose from as well as good prices would highly recommend

Kevin Hilani
Good prices, affordable premiums, and fast delivery

Reliable & Helpful Staff.

Sheryl Bennett
Excellent service and express delivery! Good price. Highly recommended

Chris Rarog
Quite impressed with how quickly my order was processed and how fast it was delivered. I very much.

Sheryl Bennett
Excellent service and express delivery! Good price. Highly recommended

Green Doug
I placed my initial order and used the bill payment method. The process is very fast and delivery occurs within 3 working days. Prices are also very competitive. I'm looking forward to seeing what future inventory they receive.

Also you can get application below.

App Apple Store

App Google Play (Playstore)

Contact AU Bullion

Address : 736 Granville Street, Unit 930
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1G3
Phone : +1 (604)676-4838
Timings : 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (Mon – Fri)
11am-4pm (Saturday)

Address : 8887 The Gore Rd , Unit 37
Brampton, ON L6P 2K9
Intersection: Queen & Gore Rd

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