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The Diamond Store in UK,Top

Here's Gary A Ingram's remarks on his website's garden about MD of The Dimond Store.

Hi, I'm Gary Ingram, Founder & MD The Diamond Store.

I am very proud to say that we are 2 time winners of the prestigious British Jewelery Award, and have been nominated for Etailer of the Year several times.

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The last time the judges said, “It's not often that we give out awards to the industry for 2 years in a row, but with the growth of The Diamond Store they are doing well and really deserve it.”

It is always an honor to be considered for this prestigious award. We are very proud of our achievements!

I started The Diamond Store 10 years ago out of frustration. After making the bold decision to get engaged, I looked for a ring to propose. I haven't had time to go to a jewelry store yet and with my limited knowledge of diamonds, I find the whole research process and window shopping uninformative and confusing.

Walking into the store doesn't really change things. Sure, the staff are very friendly and helpful, but how many rings can I ask to be seen, and how many questions can I ask, before I feel sick?

My background is in internet marketing so I naturally went online to do my studies. I didn't look better on the website. Phrases that come to mind… missing data, too much detail, and too much technical jargon. The corset, cut, and refraction only kept me from getting confused and stopped my decision because I was worried about buying the worst diamond ever mined.

Thankfully I have good friends in the jewelery industry and their conclusions got me right. But it got me thinking, how can we make this process better for everyone? It was then that I knew I could make comparisons.

10 years after that the result is TheDiamondStore. co. UK. Expert collaboration, 2-time winner and multiple nominations for Etailer of the Year at the UK Jewelery Awards and with over 185,000 satisfied (and growing) customers.

Our mission is"Elegant with Confident". We designed our website to guide you, the customer, to jewelry that fits your budget perfectly without compromise and to make your special event memorable. We achieve this through a mix of clear and simple design, smart software and great customer service.

Gary A Ingram
Managing Director –


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