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Goldsmiths Top Store in UK

Proud to introduce Goldsmiths as the world's gold and jewelry store. Following is the history of Goldsmiths in the international trade in gold, diamonds and watches.

Goldsmiths has more than 230 years of business and trading experience. Showroom occupied and opened for the first time in Newcastle in 1778. So many achievements and achievements that mean a lot to the good name of Goldsmiths. Goldsmiths as jewelers managed to make the Rugby League Cup. Goldsmiths is also the official stockist of Rolex watches that were first appointed in England in 1919.

Goldsmiths, which is run by a traditional business with more than 230 years of experience, has won the trust of its customers. In the last five years Goldsmiths has been trusted to be a retailer of luxury, modern and dynamic watches and jewelry.

Goldsmiths started as the UK's leading retailer of elegant watches and jewelry. Goldsmiths has showrooms in every major city and town from Aberdeen to Jersey, and 4 in Northern Ireland. Apart from being a maker of luxury and elegant watches, Goldsmiths is also equipped with elegant jewelry offerings that include well-known brands such as Fope, Messika, Gucci, Jenny Packham, and Webb.

Goldsmiths operates the largest distribution network for Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer and Breitling and partners with many of the world's leading watch brands. Goldsmiths' Service and Revised Offerings employ more watchmakers than the UK's High Street Retailer.

The Goldsmiths motto is Goldsmiths love what we do, and it shows. Big or small, gold or silver. We love all of them and our team is trained and skilled to create and store some comfortable items that you will cherish forever. Goldsmiths products include: Watches, Wedding and Engagement Jewelry, and Diamonds.

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