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Trossen Robotics is Your Solution

Trossen Robotics is an online store that provides your needs in the field of robotic technology. By utilizing technology your work personally or company becomes lighter. There are five technologies that Trossen Robotics has to offer you. More below. 

ROS Powered UGV 

AgileX offers a full line of mobile ROS-powered UGV/AGVs for industrial and research applications. These platforms come in various dimensions and drive options for; 4-wheel drive, omni-directional drive, Ackerman steering and tracked options with payloads up to 150kg. The AgileX development kit extends the platform's expertise to include: autonomous driving, road planning, 3D point cloud mapping, and obstacle avoidance. 

Autonomous Driving Development 

Full-Stack, a low-cost autonomous driving development solution, perfect for learning. Backed by open source software, Autokit provides a robust driving sensor system that seamlessly integrates into various all-terrain robotic chassis to adapt to urban and off-road areas. 

Development Kits 

Equipped with a full suite of sensors, the development kit adds bonus support for SLAM, Navigation, Vision-based applications, GPS waypoint navigation, and obstacle avoidance. The development kit is preinstalled with Linux, ROS, and hardware features drivers. 

Powerful Industrial Applications 

All-terrain robots are made for outdoor applications such as farm management, geographic surveys, and area monitoring and indoor applications such as autonomous logistics and warehousing.

 VSLAM, Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance 

The AgileX mobile ROS chassis is the perfect platform for research and development in navigation and mapping. Autonomous obstacle avoidance, point to point navigation and Centimeter level RTK Automation with. 

DOBOT CR series with great accuracy, 6 Axis cobot arm with payload up to 16kg is perfect for areas where people are nearby with detection& built-in collision avoidance. The CR series is also intended to be easier to use. Post and capture physical movements at the touch of a button and record movement sequences without any programming knowledge. The ability to create many different end effects makes the CR Series a versatile automation platform. The visual programming interface also makes your automation setup achievable for those with no coding experience. Positioning is also possible. 

Collaborative robots provide cost-effective, flexible and convenient automation solutions for a variety of creation tasks and are intended to be much easier to implement than traditional robotics. The simple, easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows for the creation of environmental movements without any prior coding experience. 


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