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Jaylyn Jewellers


Jaylyn Jewellers Jerome Reilander is a second generation jeweler. Working in his father's jewelery shop in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Jerome learned in his early years what it means to run a successful jewelery shop. Time spent with his father, William, prepared Jerome for the superior customer service, which he prides himself on today.

Working at the Plaxton Jewelry Store was invaluable to Jerome, and he wanted to further his education. Jerome moved to Southern California where he attended the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. He earned a certificate of completion in Gemmology as well as certifications in identification of colored stones and gems, pearls, and diamond grading and evaluation.

After studying the arts of goldsmithing and gems, Jerome returned to Moose Jaw and took over operations at Plaxton's Jewelers, the same jeweler his father owned and operated. Running Plaxton successfully for six years, Jerome closed shop and moved west to Victoria. Jerome spent a year working as a goldsmith, perfecting his skills in repair and fabrication.

In 1991 Jerome moved to Sydney, British Columbia, and opened his own shop. Having a unique idea for a Plaxton retail and repair shop, Jerome ventured into the highly artistic and creative specialty jewelery area. Thus was born JayLyn Jewelers. Jerome's bespoke creations have defined Jaylyn Jewelers for nearly thirty years. While continuing to do repair and appraisal work, Jaylyn Jewelers truly shines through their original work.

Post 2008, JaylynJewelers started looking for new opportunities to grow in the business. Amid skyrocketing gold prices and demand to sell unwearable jewelry, Jerome founded a sister company called The Gold Recyclers. Over the years, buying gold became a resounding success and in turn grew a diverse inventory of precious metals, and scrap diamonds.

After 26 years of operating in Sydney, Jaylyn Jewelers has decided to shift to selling exclusively online. Taking advantage of a large inventory of scrap diamonds, they began re-cutting the stones. As a result, the now-new stones are rearranged into elegantly produced arrangements at a much lower cost for our beloved customers. The price is lower per item, but the quality of Jaylyn Jewelers has built its reputation as strong as ever.

Jaylyn Jewelers would like to thank their loyal and future customers for starting this new journey with them.

Thank you for viewing our product If you would like to visit us in person, please call or email us to schedule an appointment.


Toll-Free: 1(877) 681-2979

Local: (250) 656-5556

Address: 10114 McDonald Park Rd, North Saanich, BC V8L 5X8

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