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Lindsetscoggins Studio Diamonds

Lindsetscoggins Studio Diamonds

While most people are familiar with the 4Cs, we see the 5th C as the key to offering diamonds that are not only beautiful, but also of great value, and that is curation.

It's not just about what's on the evaluation certificate, which is important for determining quality and cost, but the brilliance that comes from inside each diamond and how light reflects off the outside of the stone.

Of all the 4Cs, cut is the only specification made by human hands. The cut is where the diamond character is enhanced by preserving it into its most brilliant form. The polishing process determines how beautiful a stone will be - well-cut stones optimize the performance of light diamonds, making them more lustrous than lower cut grades.

Cut is measured by 3 aspects: Polish is how well the facets are placed and the total diamond finish; Symmetry is the exact alignment of the facets; The cut is reserved for round brilliant stones and takes into account the proportions of the diamond, ensuring light is reflected through the top.

At Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we only work with the highest cut grades to ensure the value and brilliance of your diamond.

White diamonds, by nature, are tinted with colors, sometimes yellow, sometimes brown. It's the lack of color that keeps diamonds so rare.

Color values ​​are based on an industry standard scale from D to Z. Colors D, E, and F are considered colorless. The colors Gram, H, I, and J are considered almost colorless. Fluorescence is graded separately, but similar to how light reflects the color of a diamond, fluorescence can give a stone a hazy or milky appearance in natural light.

Color tends to be a more straight forward specification to consider, although the faceting patterns of different cuts can affect how a diamond reflects color. Step cuts, such as emerald and Asscher hide color slightly better than brilliant cuts, such as round and oval. At Lindsey Scoggins Studio, we offer diamonds rated D, E, F, Gram, and sometimes H when we feel a diamond reflects light well. We also stay away from fluorescence.

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