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Rare Victorian Georgian Blackamoor Multi-Gemstone Fob Compilation Necklace 20.25"

New product of Abrandt and Son is Rare Victorian Georgian Blackamoor Multi-Gemstone Fob Compilation Necklace 20.25"

Price $65,995

Absolutely extraordinary and extremely rare gemstone pendant necklace and blackamoor fob from the Victorian(ca1880s) and Georgian(ca1830s) periods! This unique piece is a beautiful compilation of 5 fob pendants in 3 sizes which hangs prettily along the front of an ornate 15kt yellow gold handmade watch chain. The longest fob adorns the nave and shows a carved agate of the blackamoor head and breast which sits atop a decorative intaglio seal. A trio of gleaming dark Rose Cut diamonds adorn the richly detailed silver-plated headdress that adorns the breast, as well as a movable diamond-set necklace around the neck. The yellow gold fob is open in the center where a stunning natural pearl is embedded behind 4 curved links attached to the lapis lazuli stone at the base. The surface of the bright blue stone is engraved with a set of "RA" or "AR" pseudonyms, and the design finish is a feminine engraved floral print on the bezel and at the top at the base of a bonus row of sparkling diamonds.

2 fabulous silver intaglio stampings frame the center pendant, both of which carry a uniform diamond-encrusted design with intaglio gemstones at the base. Each fob has an open center bezel and a bezel beautifully plated with sparkling aged Rose Cut diamonds, each stone catching the light brilliantly at every turn. One of the intaglios is a peridot which is a faceted oval, showing a bright green hue with a series of feminine carved pseudonyms in the stone face. The other is an aquamarine in an octagonal shape, featuring a light blue hue with a series of "UG" or GU" pseudonyms beautifully carved across the face.

Completing the design are 2 embellished ebony blackamoor signet fobs located on either side of the incredible pendant compilation. One of these is the regal-looking head and breasts of a woman set atop a decorative stamped seal, and adorned with an extraordinary headdress. The head forms 5 textured "feathers", each adorned with a fine ruby ​​or natural pearl to form an extraordinary alternating pattern.

Two stunning ruby ​​earrings dangled from her ears, as well as a beautiful twisted necklace nestled along her neckline, accented with a bonus ruby ​​cabochon amid a feminine bow motif. Completing the pendant is an eye-catching striped design that adorns the round frame, which has a finely polished dark red carnelian seal at the base.

The final and final fob is a highly detailed male head and torso set above a unique decorative stamp design. 2 sparkling diamond accents adorn each eye, and a turban-style headdress rests on her head, revealing a finely polished cabochon onyx on top. 2 beautifully carved bands wrap around an oval shaped frame, which is finely polished in the center, resulting in a beautiful and eye-catching design. A beautifully banded agate seal sits at its base, revealing a finely burnt sienna patterned perimeter that has been carved to highlight the beautiful, polished band of milky white down the center. On the back of the guarantee there is a forming mark next to the head of an Austro-Hungarian fox with the number "4" and the letter "A" indicating the purity of the gold and having been tested in Austria between 1872-1922.

This fabulous handcrafted chain consists of interlocking double links that link together to form a stylish necklace that is secured by a large spring ring clasp (stamped with the purity mark "14K") on the back. Each interlocking link reveals a beveled edge that wraps around the open ring, holding a beautiful delicate bead in the center. A fanciful zig-zag pattern loops around the center of the ring, and a striped band runs down either side of the bead, both adding to the beautiful texture of the design. Each pendant hinges along the center of the chain from a secure attached to a spring-loaded clasp (some stamped with gold purity markings), allowing the fob to be changed or removed, providing endless versatility. An extraordinary and extremely rare collection of multi-gemstone pendants strung along an ornate chain, this piece will be a masterpiece of statement when worn!

Measurements: All chain length measures approximately 20.25". . Peridot fob hangs about 1 1/4" long (with spring-ring attachment on top), and measures about 7/8" wide and 5/8" thick. Aquamarine fob hangs about 1 1/2" long (including spring-ring attachment) at the top), and is 3/4" wide and thick. The female blackamoor pendant hangs about 2" long (including the spring ring guarantee at the top), and measures about 3/4" wide and thick. The male blackamoor pendant hangs long about 1 7/ 8" (includes spring ring guarantee on top), and is about 3/ 4" wide and 5/ 8" thick.

Condition: Overall condition of the chain and fobs is very good. Not only is the surface wear and tear normal, there is no visible damage to the silver or gold settings of any fob pendant or gold chain. All gemstones and pearls are intact and securely attached, with only minimal surface wear on the gemstone seals. Each spring ring buckle is comfortable and in good working condition.

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