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Shop Now: Cassandragoad

Cassandra is a designer, jeweler, alchemist, adventurer, writer, and polyglot. He firmly believes that gems must be passed on to future generations, he has the sensitivity of an artist, the ear of a writer for a story, and the eye of a scientist for details. He is someone who stays out of the limelight, but is also a restless explorer- and a lover of bringing people together for a casual dinner or at one of the events that inspires him.

The design is timeless but fresh and contemporary. He was fond of the great traditions of the 18th and 19th centuries, but his own work was often humorous and witty. Everyone who visits her on Sloane Street is welcomed into Cassandra's extended family.

Cassandra was fascinated by beautiful things. He will cite you Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas- and the chemical compound Beryl (that's Be3Al2Si6O18). He is as passionate about turning old, unused heirlooms into pieces you can wear just as much as he creates his own original designs.

Cassandra believes in minimizing its environmental footprint and being local to you with its highly personal and intuitive service. So, if you haven't visited his shop on Sloane Street, one of his shops in the whole world, you have to spare some time. The townhouse, with its velvet armchairs, mirrored wardrobes, reclaimed wood floors and windows that let in natural light, and of course Cassandra and her incredible team to welcome you – is more than a little magical. You will feel as if Cassandra welcomes you into her home, she is often there sharing her design ethic and creative acumen with her customers and team.

Cassandra is passionate about making jewelry, so much of it one-off, with personal contact with her customers. Traceability means he knows who cut the stone and he has a photographic memory of where he made it; He is concerned about metal recycling and he enjoys turning precious metals and gemstones that are not used often into new creations. At the dawn of this New Age, he aims to extend his brand, from his workshops to his Sloane Street shops, and from his designs to his jewelery

147 Sloane Street

020 7730 2202 or 07872011438

Opening Hours
We are open:
Monday to Friday 10am - 6pm.
Saturday 11am - 3pm.

Please contact if you would like to make an appointment.

Our online store is open 24 hours a day and any orders placed over the weekend will be sent on Monday.

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