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Temple of the Sun Diamonds

Temple of the Sun jewelery was designed in-house by founder Yonna Derofe and is handcrafted by highly skilled artisans who use ancient lost paraffin methods and other ancient handicraft methods to replace recycled and sterling silver, gold vermeil, ethical solid gold, diamonds and precious gemstones became a precious heirloom.

Pronounced ver- may; Vermeil is a method that dates back to the 19th century, in which gold was applied under sterling silver. Gold vermeil is made using the gold plating method but requires a thicker gold coating than standard plating – for vermeil pieces, the gold coating should be 2.5 microns thick. At Temple of the Sun, we use 18K gold in all of our vermeil gold jewelry, which is the highest percentage of gold alloy.

Our ceremonial and delicate jewelery is handmade in our Byron Bay studio using responsibly sourced and recycled 9K, 14k and 18k solid gold. We only use gold that has been accredited by RJC for social and environmental responsibility. Karat (or karat) gold represents the purity of gold mixed with other metals. 24K gold is pure gold without alloying other metals, but it is very soft and workable, which is why alloys such as silver were introduced to strengthen gold. We use a gold alloy of 9K, 14K and 18K for its durability, quality and elegant golden shine.

• Base metal- Gold plating can be done on any metal– from copper to brass– whereas gold vermeil can only be applied under sterling silver. The sterling silver we use in our Temple of the Sun jewelery is ethical and recycled 925 sterling silver, making it durable. Thickness of gold- The thickness of the gold metal layer is another key difference, making vermeil gold jewelery a higher quality product than standard coating. Gold plating has a minimum thickness of 0.5 microns, while vermeil requires a gold coating with a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns. Gold vermeil cut is at least 5 times thicker than standard gold plating.• Durability- because of the added thickness, gold vermeil is much more durable than gold plating– making it a more environmentally friendly option as wearers of the Temple of the Sun can cherish their jewelery for much longer.

Here at Temple of the Sun, we use recycled and ethically sourced 925 sterling silver as the base metal for our gold vermeil pieces, and in all of our silver jewelry. Sterling silver and the 925 signature represent the same thing – a combination of silver and its alloys, that is, 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or other alloys. It is considered to be the highest quality silver alloy as it is impossible to have pure silver in jewelery due to the softness of the metal, making it less durable and prone to breakage. Because our design and sustainability principles involve quality and timelessness so that our work can be loved for longer, we only use 925 sterling silver that is recycled and ethically sourced. All Temple of the Sun jewelery is nickel free. All Temple of the Sun jewelery in sterling silver is stamped with 925; unique characteristics that guarantee the quality and authenticity of your work.

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