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China Mobile: The World's Largest Telecommunications Company

China Mobile is a multinational telecommunications company and the largest in the world by market value. The company provides a wide range of telecommunications services, including mobile voice and data services, as well as fixed-line broadband services.

Founded in 1997, China Mobile has grown rapidly to become one of the most successful telecommunications companies in the world. With over 940 million mobile subscribers and a presence in 31 provinces in China, the company has a massive customer base and a strong market position.

Mobile Voice and Data Services

China Mobile provides mobile voice and data services to its customers through its extensive network of 4G and 5G base stations. The company's 4G network covers 99% of China's population, while its 5G network has already been rolled out in over 300 cities. This means that customers can enjoy fast and reliable mobile internet access, as well as high-quality voice calls, no matter where they are in China.

Fixed-line Broadband Services

In addition to mobile services, China Mobile also provides fixed-line broadband services to its customers. The company has built a comprehensive fiber-optic network that covers more than 600 cities in China, providing high-speed internet access to millions of homes and businesses. With its advanced technology and reliable service, China Mobile is helping to drive China's digital transformation and create a more connected society.

Commitment to Innovation

China Mobile is committed to innovation and is constantly investing in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. The company has a strong focus on 5G technology and has been actively developing new applications and services that will take advantage of the increased speeds and connectivity offered by 5G networks. In addition, China Mobile has been exploring new business models and partnerships to create more value for its customers and stakeholders.


China Mobile is the world's largest telecommunications company by market value, providing mobile voice and data services, as well as fixed-line broadband services. With its massive customer base, extensive network coverage, and commitment to innovation, China Mobile is well-positioned to continue leading the telecommunications industry in China and around the world.

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