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The History Supreme Yacht: A Look Inside the World's Most Expensive Luxury Yacht


Yachts have always been a symbol of luxury and wealth. While there are many expensive yachts in the world, the History Supreme yacht holds the record for being the most expensive yacht ever built. This yacht is a true masterpiece and is a testament to the craftsmanship of its builders. In this article, we will explore the History Supreme yacht and all its grandeur.


The History Supreme yacht is a 100-foot luxury yacht that was built by Stuart Hughes, a Malaysian shipbuilder. The yacht was built for an anonymous Malaysian businessman and cost an incredible $4.8 billion. The yacht is made entirely of gold and platinum and has many luxurious amenities.


The yacht's exterior is made of solid gold and platinum, and its interior is covered in gold accents and features various luxury amenities. The master bedroom has a wall feature made of meteorite rock, and the yacht's main deck is made of glass and features a pool with a stunning mosaic design. The yacht also features a statue made of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones and a liquor bottle made of an 18.5-carat diamond.

Luxury Amenities:

The yacht is not just a piece of art but is also equipped with various luxury amenities. It features a dining area that can seat up to 12 people and has a glass table made from meteorite rock. The yacht also has a stunning aquarium with 68 kg of 24-carat gold and a bar made of gold and platinum. The yacht also has an iPhone dock made of solid gold and features a rare 8-carat diamond.


The History Supreme yacht is undoubtedly the most luxurious yacht in the world. With its solid gold and platinum exterior, it's a masterpiece of art and engineering. The yacht's interior is just as grand, with gold accents and various luxury amenities. The yacht is a true symbol of wealth and luxury and is a testament to the opulence of its owner. While it's not accessible to most people, it's fascinating to know that such a marvel of engineering and design exists in the world.

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